Learn How to Correctly Apply CPT Codes for Breast Procedures & Surgeries

breast procedures

The Refresh With YES: CPT Breast Procedures Learning Path teaches learners how to correctly apply the CPT codes for common breast surgeries and procedures divided into 14-21-minute modules. The courses within this learning path will provide an in-depth discussion of CPT coding for breast biopsies, mastectomies, and more. Operative reports are used as real-world coding scenarios for these CPT breast procedures.

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Outpatient to Inpatient Coder Training: Evaluate, Identify, & Train with Experts

outpatient to inpatient coder training

Cross-training your organization’s most qualified outpatient coders in inpatient coding is a sure way to bolster your bottom line and receive the most return on your investment in coding education. But, how do you identify these coders who are ready to train as inpatient coders and grow their professional experience? The key is to rely on a highly skilled team with experience in inpatient coding education, as well as inpatient coding support and auditing services, like YES HIM Consulting. Let our team of experienced HIM and coding experts come in and assist you in implementing this profitable business strategy!

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2021 ICD-10-CM Updated Codes & Official Coding Guidelines Released

2021 icd 10 cm updates

The National Center for Health Statistics released the 2021 ICD-10-CM code set and guidelines, both of which will be effective October 1, 2020 (CDC, 2020). Details on the 2021 ICD-10-CM Updates Webinar from YES HIM Education will be coming soon. The presentation will include a comprehensive review of the changes to the guidelines and codes with important clinical background information. The code set includes 490 new codes, 47 revisions, and 58 codes that have been deleted. Guideline changes include the updates for COVID-19 and Vaping-related disorders that were released in April and other changes.

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Learn Medical Coding Online with Help of Live Sessions

live sessions

Online medical coding classes – while informative and flexible – can be dense and hard to understand given the complexity of the educational material. Facilities looking to add new coders or cross-train team members on a new set of coding knowledge require experts not only in education, but subject matter experts that will be able to answer practical questions that coders encounter in their day-to-day coding jobs. We give our learners the competitive advantage over other coder learners in the field by offering live sessions and question queues.

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The Challenging ICD 10 PCS Codes for Spinal Fusion Procedures Explained

icd 10 codes for spinal fusion

The Refresh With YES: PCS Spinal Fusion Procedures Learning Path shows learners how to correctly document the ICD 10 codes for spinal fusion procedures divided into 20-23-minute modules. The courses within this learning path review one of the most challenging ICD-10-PCS coding topics of spinal fusion, including cervical and lumbar fusion ICD 10. Official coding guidelines, case examples, and Coding Clinic topics related to spinal fusion procedures will be reviewed.

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Personalized Medical Coding Education Tailored to Coders’ Learning Styles

learning styles

YES HIM Consulting designs learning paths and coding tracks for busy professionals who need to take courses on their own time. Our catalog offers customizable formats to fit physicians’, coders’, and auditors’ schedules and learning styles – including on-site, online, and hybrid or blended models. Ongoing coding education is one of the ways to keep your team and organization compliant. Click here to review the other benefits of keeping your team up-to-date with coding and guideline changes with customizable coding education formats.

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