Strategies to Grow ProFee Coder’s Skills, Quality, & Accuracy

profee coder

Growing a ProFee coding department’s accuracy and quality can be a daunting task – especially if the healthcare organization doesn’t know where to start. Our team of accomplished HIM and medical coding experts has 20+ years’ experience in the industry and is ready to develop a ProFee Coding Quality Improvement Plan specifically tailored to each organization’s goals. Facilities or healthcare organizations that need help developing their ProFee coders should contact us today.

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Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, & Experienced Coders – Accurate Risk-Adjusted Payments

natural language processing

On average, organizations managed 9.70 petabytes (PB) of data in 2018; this is an explosive growth of 569 percent compared to the 1.45 PB managed two years prior (Dell Technologies, 2019). Healthcare organizations are no different, in fact, according to HIT Infrastructure (2019). Healthcare organizations have seen a health data growth rate of 878% since 2016, reaching 8.41PB on average by 2018. As you can imagine, it is physically impossible for a human to read through and analyze the tremendous amount of data collected. Healthcare organizations are rapidly turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help collect, transform, understand, and drive decisions in a timely manner.

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Learn the ICD-10-CM Guidelines for Obstetrical Coding & Newborn Diagnoses

obstetrical coding

The Refresh With YES: Obstetrical and Newborn Diagnoses Learning Path teaches learners how to correctly apply the ICD-10-CM guidelines for obstetrical coding and newborn diagnoses, divided into 11-14-minute webinars. This learning path dives into OB GYN diagnosis codes, and coding for newborns, including information about the perinatal period, birth admission coding, and much more.

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How to Overcome These Common Challenges in Telehealth Coding & Billing

Knowing how to accurately code and bill telemedicine services has been one of the biggest telehealth problems that practices are running into due to the amount of policy changes released over a short time period and the lack of experience in documenting these services. Here are the other most common challenges in telehealth and most popular questions about telemedicine.

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Four New CPT Codes for Lab Tests Available Now in Latest COVID-19 Documentation Update

cpt codes for lab tests

The CPT Editorial Panel conducted a special meeting to expedite the publishing of four new CPT codes for lab tests related to COVID-19 (AMA, 2020). These new CPT codes for laboratory tests, which are available for review on the AMA’s Public Health Resource Center, address the ongoing need to report COVID-19 testing, and include two regular CPT codes and two Proprietary Laboratory Analyses (PLA) codes.

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ED Claims Denials 101: An Overview of Denials Management

The Refresh With YES/Hot Topics: CPT ED Denials Overview Webinar gives learners the tools they need for proper ED claims denials management in medical billing. Coders will receive an overview of ED claims denials, including common acronyms, ANSI codes and definitions, appeal versus rebill, and modifiers and medical necessity. Several examples of ED claims denials will be reviewed and solutions to these denials will be covered.

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