Refresh Your CPT Coding Skills on Hammertoe Procedures, Arthroplasty, & Bunion Surgery

The Refresh With YES: CPT Feet Procedures Learning Path walks learners through an overview of CPT coding for selected feet procedures, such as arthroplasty and bone resection, divided into 21-30-minute webinars. This learning path discusses the characteristics and diagnoses of additional feet procedures, such as bunion surgery, repair of hammertoe and hallux rigidus, and ankle abscess. CPT coding guidelines and advice from CPT Assistant, as well as real-world coding selection scenarios, will be reviewed.

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Eleven New Telehealth Services Added to Medicare Reimbursement List

list of medicare telehealth services

CMS has added 11 new services to the Medicare telehealth services list. These new services focus on specific neurostimulator analysis and programming, and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation (CMS, 2020). There have been over 135 services added to the list of payable Medicare telehealth services since CMS started expanding Medicare coverage, including ED visits and inpatient encounters. Review our Telehealth Resource Center for the full list of revised coding and billing guidelines for COVID-19. If your facility is struggling with deciphering the revised telehealth guidelines, contact YES HIM Consulting for coding support from our HIM-credentialed experts.

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ICD-10-PCS Orthopedic Procedures Webinar Reviews ORIF, Joint Replacement, & More

The Refresh With YES: ICD-10-PCS Orthopedic Procedures Learning Path shows learners how to code several complex orthopedic procedures, such as different types of common joint replacements, divided into 12-20-minute webinars. This learning path dives into definitions, examples, devices, and qualifiers for these joints: hip, knee, ankle, and shoulder. Other subjects discussed include the treatment of fractures using an open approach with internal fixation surgery (ORIF), as well as the different types of ICD-10-PCS detachments. Learners will also review applicable Coding Clinic resources.

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What Does It Mean for Medical Coding Companies to Have a 100% Client Retention Rate?

medical coding companies

Outsourcing no longer means time-zone hopping overseas to find reliable, skilled, and affordable medical coding and auditing companies dedicated to achieving high coding productivity and quality standards. It is increasingly common for healthcare organizations to outsource coding overflow and quarterly audits by sourcing talent from a U.S.-based company. YES HIM Consulting is proud to be a premier coding, auditing, and education preferred partner to large-scale healthcare systems, individual hospitals, physician groups, and more around the U.S.

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New CPT Codes Released & Revised to Document COVID-19 & Respiratory Syncytial Virus Detection Test

respiratory syncytial virus

In continuing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AMA has released two new CPT codes that allow for nucleic acid infectious agent detection for Coronavirus, influenza types A and B, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) via a single test (AMA, 2020). Do you want to learn the ICD-10-CM coding guidelines for COVID-19 code U07.1? Sign up for our Respiratory Diagnoses Hot Topics Webinar and find out how to code Coronavirus infections, symptoms, screening, and patient encounters. The webinar on hot coding topics provides an overview of the Official Coding Guidelines for COVID-19. See more here.

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Making the Data Work for You: How to Turn Medical Coding Audits into Actionable Insights

medical coding audits

Coding audit data can be extremely beneficial to the success of a healthcare organization – however, oftentimes, the vast amounts of data being collected can suffocate the organization, especially those that don’t know how to cultivate value and act on the insights received from the audit process. Most medical coding compliance audit programs will objectively evaluate multiple data sets and generate reports on the findings, but, the data is not being used to its fullest potential if the reports are not properly cleaned, analyzed, and examined to develop strategic next steps toward the company’s quality improvement. “Data and quality improvement go hand-in-hand”, says Crumbley.

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Learn How to Classify & Code Acute Myocardial Infarction Diagnoses

The Refresh With YES: ICD-10-CM Acute Myocardial Infarction Diagnoses Learning Path teaches learners how to classify and code the different types of Acute Myocardial Infarction diagnoses. Symptoms of acute myocardial infarction diagnoses, as well as acute myocardial infarction coding guidelines, will be discussed. Learners will also review coding examples and Coding Clinic resources.

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2021 IPPS Final Rule Released: MS-DRG for CAR T-Cell Therapy and New Technology Add-On Payments Headline the Changes

CAR T-Cell therapy

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt everywhere, including the release of the IPPS Final Rule. Generally released in late July or early August, the 2021 Final Rule was released on September 2 and published in the Federal Register on September 18, 2020 (CMS, 2020). The effective date, October 1, 2020, stays the same, offering an especially short turnaround time for analyzing and implementing the provisions of the rule.

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