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quick guide to hcc

Your Quick Guide to HCC Risk Adjustment Models

By YES HIM Consulting

There are two different Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) models used to calculate risk adjustments: the CMS-HCC model and the HHS-HCC model. Does your facility know how and when to use them? Our detailed HCC risk adjustment infographic explains the differences and usages for each HCC model.

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Repair of laceration

CPT Integumentary Coding Refresher Course Reviews Repair of Lacerations & Removal of Skin Lesions

By YES HIM Consulting

The Refresh With YES: CPT Integumentary – Lesion and Wound Repair Learning Path teaches learners how to code the removal of skin lesions and repair of lacerations, divided into 12-19-minute webinars. This learning path also reviews applicable CPT guidelines, CPT coding examples, and CPT Assistant articles.

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CPT codes for covid-19 vaccines

Review These New CPT Codes for COVID-19 Vaccines from the AMA

By Teri Jorwic

In anticipation of the release of COVID-19 vaccines, the AMA has released CPT codes for each of the two COVID-19 vaccines together with administration codes for first and second doses (AMA, 2020). AMA President Susan R. Bailey, M.D., remarked, “An effective national immunization program is key to bringing the coronavirus pandemic to an end. Correlating each coronavirus vaccine with its own unique CPT code provides analytical advantages to help track, allocate and optimize resources as an immunization program ramps up in the United States” (AMA, 2020). The AMA worked closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop the codes.

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Discuss Fasciotomy, Osteotomy, Spinal Procedures, & Scoliosis ICD 10 Codes in YES Refresher

By YES HIM Consulting

The Refresh With YES: ICD-10-PCS Spinal Procedures Learning Path discusses in detail how to code several spinal procedures, such as scoliosis treatment, fasciotomy, and osteotomy, divided into 11-16-minute webinars. Learners will find out how to apply ICD-10-PCS codes for spinal fusion, specifically in the cervical area of the spine. The PCS codes for the diagnosis of scoliosis and various treatments for the disorder are also discussed. This learning path provides an overview and the PCS codes for fasciotomy, osteotomy, and spinal decompression procedures. Applicable Coding Clinic articles, as well as real-world coding selection scenarios, will be reviewed.

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billing COVID-19 vaccine

Update on Billing COVID-19 Vaccine: CMS Issues IFC for No-Cost Coronavirus Treatment

By YES HIM Consulting

COVID-19 vaccines that have been approved by the FDA will be covered by Medicare and most private insurers once they are available, according to CMS (2020). An Interim Final Rule with Comment Period (IFC) was released to establish that any COVID-19 vaccine that receives FDA authorization via an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or licensed under a Biologics License Application (BLA) will be covered at no cost to beneficiaries. Medical coders should take special note for billing COVID-19 vaccines for when they do become available.

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