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Learn How to Classify & Code Acute Myocardial Infarction Diagnoses

By YES HIM Consulting

The Refresh With YES: ICD-10-CM Acute Myocardial Infarction Diagnoses Learning Path teaches learners how to classify and code the different types of Acute Myocardial Infarction diagnoses. Symptoms of acute myocardial infarction diagnoses, as well as acute myocardial infarction coding guidelines, will be discussed. Learners will also review coding examples and Coding Clinic resources.

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CAR T-Cell therapy

2021 IPPS Final Rule Released: MS-DRG for CAR T-Cell Therapy and New Technology Add-On Payments Headline the Changes

By Teri Jorwic

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt everywhere, including the release of the IPPS Final Rule. Generally released in late July or early August, the 2021 Final Rule was released on September 2 and published in the Federal Register on September 18, 2020 (CMS, 2020). The effective date, October 1, 2020, stays the same, offering an especially short turnaround time for analyzing and implementing the provisions of the rule.

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fine needle aspiration

Fine Needle Aspiration, Core Needle Biopsy, & Other Skin Flap Grafts Covered In CPT Integumentary Webinar

By YES HIM Consulting

The Refresh With YES: CPT Integumentary – Flap Grafts and FNA Learning Path shows learners how to correctly assign codes for Integumentary Procedures, including flap grafts and fine needle aspiration (FNA), divided into 9-18-minute webinars. This learning path specifically discusses CPT coding for flap grafts, such as adjacent tissue transfers/rearrangements and pedicle flaps. The differences in codes for FNA and core needle biopsy (CNB) procedures are explored, and examples of coding FNA procedures with CNB are provided. Learners will also review the applicable CPT Assistant advice and CPT coding guidelines.

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CMS advance notice

2022 Medicare Advantage Advance Notice Changes Process for Risk Adjustment Scores

By Karen Youmans

CMS has released Part 1 of the 2022 Medicare Advantage Advance Notice, which reviews the updates to the Part C CMS-HCC risk adjustment model and the application of encounter data (CMS, 2020). Changes to the CMS Advance Notice are scheduled to be finalized by April 5, 2021. HCC coding and risk adjustments are one of YES HIM Consulting’s many specialties. The Risk Adjustments & HCC Basics learning path from YES HIM Education provides an overview of the HHS and CMS risk adjustment models, documentation, coding practices, and much more.

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ventricular assist devices

Refresh With YES Series on PCS Cardiac Procedures Reviews Ventricular Assist Devices, Types, & More

By YES HIM Consulting

The Refresh With YES ICD-10-PCS Cardiac Procedures: Heart Assist Devices Learning Path teaches learners how to correctly assign codes for complex cardiac procedures, such as heart assist devices, divided into 13-19-minute webinars. This learning path dives into the different ventricular assist device types, including short-term external and implantable devices. The root operations of “Insertion,” “Removal,” and “Revision” will also be discussed. Learners will review ICD-10-PCS Guidelines, coding examples, and Coding Clinic resources.

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