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covid 19 mutation

COVID 19 Mutations Negatively Impact Effectiveness of Detection Tests

By YES HIM Consulting

Since these variants have different characteristics, certain COVID-19 tests may not be as effective in detecting the virus or its variants. The affected tests include molecular, antigen, and serology tests (FDA, 2021).

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ICD 10 code for sepsis

How To Apply ICD 10 Code for Sepsis, Severe Sepsis, & Septic Shock

By YES HIM Consulting

The Refresh With YES: ICD-10-CM Sepsis Coding Learning Path teaches learners how to apply the ICD 10 codes for sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock. Learners will also review sepsis coding scenarios and guidelines.

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E/M services

AMA Releases Technical Corrections for 2021 Office/Other Outpatient E/M Services Codes

By Teri Jorwic

The AMA released technical corrections to the E/M services guidelines on March 9, 2021. The corrections are retroactive to the January 1 implementation date of the updates (AMA, 2021).

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How to code neoplasm codes

How to Code Neoplasms: Review of Codes & Coding Guidelines

By YES HIM Consulting

The Refresh With YES: ICD-10-CM Neoplasm Coding Learning Path shows learners how to correctly code neoplasms based on ICD-10-CM Chapters 2 and 21 guidelines.

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Covid-19 immunization reactions

Updates to FAQs for COVID-19 Immunization Reactions, Sequelae, & Other Issues

By Teri Jorwic

The FAQs document published by AHIMA and AHA has provided valuable information on the coding of COVID-19-related cases since March 2020, before the U07.1 code took effect on April 1, 2020 (Journal of AHIMA, 2021).

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