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ICD-10 injury codes

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By YES HIM Consulting

The Refresh With YES: ICD-10-CM Injury Diagnoses Learning Path teaches learners how to document ICD-10 injury codes, including 7th character for encounters examples, fractures and pathologic fractures, and burns, divided into 12-19-minute webinars. This learning path goes in-depth on the guidelines and examples for assigning the 7th character for initial, subsequent, and sequela of injuries. The ICD-10 traumatic and pathologic fractures codes are also discussed. Learners will also review ICD-10-CM Guidelines, coding examples, and Coding Clinic resources.

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Everything You Need to Know About Claims Denials: Causes, Prevention, ANSI Codes & More

By Vanessa Youmans

ED (or emergency department) claims denials are a common occurrence in medical facility coding and billing when the payers (or insurance providers) deny a claim for reimbursement. This article dives into the most common causes for these denials, how to prevent them with denial management services, and related topics, such as ANSI codes and the definitions of appeal versus rebill. To help coders understand the tricky landscape of ED claims denials, YES HIM Education offers a Refresh With YES/Hot Topics ED Denials Overview course. The webinar describes common acronyms, ANSI codes and definitions, the concept of appeal versus rebill, modifiers, and medical necessity.

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CPT codes for cataract surgery

Become Proficient on the CPT Codes for Cataract Surgery, Vitrectomy, & Other Eye Procedures

By YES HIM Consulting

The Refresh With YES: CPT Eye Procedures Learning Path provides learners with highlights of eye surgery CPT codes, such as cataract extraction, retinal repair, and vitrectomy, divided into 14-29-minute webinars. This learning path goes in-depth on the anatomy of the eye and adnexa. Learners will also review CPT Guidelines, CPT Assistant instructions, and real-world coding scenarios for eye procedures.

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New CPT codes

Latest CPT Codes 86413 & 99072 Report COVID-19 Special Services & Tests

By YES HIM Consulting

The AMA CPT Editorial Panel has expedited the publication of two new CPT codes to document the latest in COVD-19 testing and medical services (AMA, 2020). These new Category I codes for COVID-19 supplies, services, and tests are available for review on the AMA’s Public Health Resource Center (AMA, 2020).

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Refresh With YES Course Explains Excision vs Resection & PCS Codes for Biopsies

By YES HIM Consulting

The Refresh With YES: Root Operations – Biopsy, Excision, & Resection Learning Path shows learners how to code ICD-10-PCS root operations procedures, such as biopsies, excisions, and resections, divided into 11-16-minute webinars. This learning path dives into the definitions and procedure examples of applicable root operation procedures. Learners will also review excision vs resection when coding lymph nodes. Applicable Coding Clinic articles and coding guidelines are reviewed.

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