Cardiovascular Coding Roundtable: A Comprehensive Review of Cardiology Procedures

Cardiovascular Coding Roundtable: A Comprehensive Review of Cardiology Procedures

To address the intricacies and challenges of cardiology coding, Jackie Craver, Lead Outpatient and ProFee Auditor at YES, recently hosted the “Cardiovascular Coding Roundtable” presentation on May 23, 2023. This engaging event was part of the NYHIMA Webinar Series, which provides a platform for industry professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills in medical coding and auditing.

“I really love being able to share my knowledge on various topics due to the experience I’ve gained with being an auditor for many years and being exposed to many different clients across the United States,” Craver says. “If coders or auditors are not exposed to different technology, surgical procedures, payor issues, etc., they may not be able to know what is going on at different facilities.”

Key Highlights of the Presentation

During the “Cardiovascular Coding Roundtable,” Craver shared valuable insights and expertise on cardiology coding, focusing on the latest updates, guidelines, and procedures. The presentation covered several key areas, including:

  • A discussion of two real-world case study examples from the host facility, Adirondack Health.
  • A cardiology coding walkthrough with tips and steps for each case study.
  • A special emphasis on the importance of comprehensive documentation to support accurate code selection.
  • A reminder of the guidelines for documenting specific cardiovascular procedures, diagnoses, and interventions.
  • The required documentation to accurately code cardiovascular procedures, such as imaging and surgical components, clinical findings, and site and type of intervention performed.
  • The CPT codes and guidelines for cardiovascular procedures, including angiographies and thrombectomy.

The “Cardiovascular Coding Roundtable” presentation provided an invaluable opportunity for medical coders, auditors, and healthcare decision-makers to delve into the intricacies of cardiovascular procedural coding. Attendees gained crucial insights, updates, and practical tips to navigate the challenges associated with cardiology coding accurately and compliantly.

NYHIMA Education Committee members and directors alike commented that Craver’s presentation simplified the process of cardiovascular coding, which can be very complicated, by breaking it down into clear steps. She helped learners better understand how to assign the correct codes for the case studies provided.

“I’m proud that I have developed relationships with colleagues across the country that NYHIMA reached out to me to be a subject matter expert on IVR and Vascular coding for their Coding Roundtable,” Craver adds. “Building those relationships is very valuable, and I’m proud to share my knowledge. My biggest joy in my job is having coders/auditors thank me for providing education to them.”

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