Coding Audits

post-payment audit

The Two Sides of Post-Payment Audits & How You Can Make the Process Easier

By YES HIM Consulting / February 21, 2024 /

Payer audits are a necessary step in the health information management field. These post-payment audits ensure the provider is compliant with the payers’ requirements and that the correct reimbursement amount was issued.

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due diligence

What to Expect in Due Diligence Audits & How to Find the Right Auditing Vendor

By Vanessa Youmans / October 26, 2023 / Comments Off on What to Expect in Due Diligence Audits & How to Find the Right Auditing Vendor

The healthcare industry sees hundreds of facility acquisitions and mergers every year. A critical part of mergers and acquisitions is the due diligence process, which provides a complete financial and performance picture of a healthcare organization to ensure it is a sound investment.

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coding productivity benchmarks

What’s the Next Step After Onboarding New Coders? Your Guide to Measure Coding Quality & Productivity Benchmarks of a New Hire

By Vanessa Youmans / September 18, 2023 /

The onboarding process is a critical phase that sets the tone for an employee’s journey within an organization. However, what comes next is equally important: measuring the coding quality and productivity benchmarks of new hires.

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medical auditing

The Synergy of Medical Auditing: A Win-Win for Patients and Providers

By YES HIM Consulting / September 13, 2023 /

While most providers are hesitant to complete regular medical coding audits, it’s important to remember that they ensure accuracy and efficiency are maintained throughout the patient-provider relationship.

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empower team for coding audit

How to Empower a Medical Coding Team During an Audit

By Elizabeth Kelly / August 17, 2023 /

There are myriad benefits to performing regular medical coding compliance audits. In order to have a successful audit process, coders must feel like their voices are heard. We’ve compiled these strategies to help empower the coding team during the next audit.

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coding reimbursement specialist

Why is Revenue Cycle Management Important in Healthcare? Your Guide to Ensuring Profitable Medical Coding Reimbursements

By YES HIM Consulting / June 8, 2023 /

Healthcare organizations must enact steps to manage the revenue cycle process effectively and efficiently. Thankfully, there are revenue cycle management (RCM) systems and coding reimbursement specialists that rely on data analytics to help streamline the process.

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severe malnutrition icd 10

Case Study: From Misreporting to Compliance: How Hospitals Can Implement a Standardized Process for Severe Malnutrition ICD 10 Diagnosis Codes

By YES HIM Consulting / March 20, 2023 /

Given that severe malnutrition MCCs increase the dollar amount in Medicare reimbursements, overcoding is a potential risk for all healthcare organizations. Review our recent case study findings where we present compliance, standardization, and improvement opportunities to one client hospital.

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healthcare coding audits

Healthcare Coding Audits Checklist: Prepare for a Successful Audit

By Elizabeth Kelly / March 20, 2023 /

Regular healthcare coding audits are necessary to run a compliant, successful healthcare organization. While the reason for the audit may differ, the overall checklist for conducting a successful audit remains relatively the same.

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trending reports

How Trending Reports Benefit Inpatient Medical Coding Compliance Audits

By Mari Cely / March 7, 2023 /

Anticipating coding quality strengths and weaknesses is a great benefit trending reports offer when it comes to coding compliance audits. A coding team can remain accurate and competitive by taking advantage of the benefits trending analysis has to offer.

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strategic plan

Crafting Your Organization’s Strategic Plan For A Successful Year

By YES HIM Consulting / January 13, 2023 /

To successfully navigate the future – and be prepared for anything – healthcare organizations need to craft a strategic plan. A strategic plan is beneficial for everyone: It allows the company owner to identify potentially fruitful goals, and it helps the employees foster that growth.

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