CPT 2023 Code Set Now Available, Includes 393 Editorial Changes

CPT 2023 Code Set Now Available, Includes 393 Editorial Changes

The American Medical Association (AMA) released the 2023 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code set with 225 new codes, 75 deletions, and 93 revisions. Modifications to the E/M codes are part of the 393 editorial changes for 2023.

E/M Coding Changes

cpt 2023

Revisions to the E/M codes build on the work done in 2021 when AMA modified the Office Visit Services. In 2023, modifications include the expansion to inpatient and observation care services, consultations, emergency department services, nursing facility services, home and residence services, and prolonged services.

For more information on the redesign of E/M coding, visit CPT Evaluation and Management | American Medical Association (ama-assn.org).

So that users are prepared for the change, the codes and guidelines are available at 2023 CPT E/M descriptors and guidelines (ama-assn.org). AMA President Jack Resneck Jr., M.D. states that “the process for coding and documenting almost all E/M services is now simpler and more flexible.” Review our previous article, “More Changes Ahead For E/M: Review 2023 E/M Codes & Guidelines Here,” for more details.

Other Changes to CPT 2023 Code Set

CPT continues to grow and change as procedures and technology change. With the 2023 edition, there will be 10,969 codes describing those procedures and services, including new technology applications.

A new appendix was added with a taxonomy for artificial intelligence/ augmented intelligence (AI) applications. The appendix provides guidance for classifying various artificial intelligence products, “such as expert systems, machine learning, or algorithm-based solutions.” Categories are assistive, augmentative, or autonomous.

Code 0770T is available for emerging uses of virtual reality technology in therapy for skill-building for social communication, emotional regulation, and daily functional skills in people with neurodevelopmental disorders. Codes 0771T-0777T are used for procedural dissociation services used in place of anesthesia during procedures to increase tolerance and reduce pain and anxiety.

New code 98978 allows for remote monitoring services for beyond the walls monitoring for a range of physical and mental health disorders.

New technology prompted 15 new CPT codes (49591-49623) for reporting anterior abdominal hernia repair services. These codes will report “hybrid” abdominal hernia repair procedures; when parts of the procedure are performed with an open approach and parts performed with laparoscopy or robotically.

For a complete outline of the CPT 2023 updates, review this article previously published on our YES Blog.

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