Develop Your Pro Fee Coding Team: Pro Fee Coding Test & Specialized Training

Develop Your Pro Fee Coding Team: Pro Fee Coding Test & Specialized Training

Professional fee coding can be complicated for medical coders due to the specialty procedures and E/M patient encounters they need to capture accurately. There are several strategies to ensure your coding team maintains quality and accuracy standards, including coder assessments to evaluate the team’s skills and knowledge level.

We recommend assessing Profee coding knowledge with a Pro Fee coding test created by Profee auditors and educators, with the objective of identifying coders’ strengths and weaknesses in ProFee topics, updates, and guidelines. Then, the coder begins a personalized learning path tailored toward improving those skills. Our in-house education experts can evaluate your team’s assessment results and formulate a custom plan to reach your organization’s goals.

Our ProFee coding training includes the latest and most popular ProFee topics in ICD-10-CM and CPT, and ProFee coding academies.

For additional tips on how to grow your ProFee coding team’s skills, review this article.

Specialty Niche Coding Topics

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Our ProFee coding training options feature ICD-10-CM and CPT updates, specialty refresher courses, and hot topic webinars. With our specialty refresher courses, coders learn how to apply ICD-10-CM codes and guidelines for Injury Diagnoses, Sepsis Diagnoses, Spinal Diagnoses, and much more. And CPT codes and guidelines for Orthopedic Procedures II, Interventional Radiology, EP Ablation Procedures, Spinal Fusion Procedures, and much more.

Our education experts stay on top of the current trends in the medical industry to develop new education for our coders, auditors, and clients. Do you need to learn how to apply the COVID-19 vaccine codes or telehealth service codes? Enroll in the latest CPT Hot Topics learning series from YES HIM Education. This series also dives into the HCPCS/CPT codes and guidelines for COVID-19 monoclonal antibodies, COVID-19 vaccines, and telehealth. We also discuss payment policies for all three topics.

We have several Education Subscription Bundles for ProFee coding teams to have special access to our tailored ProFee education. For corporate coding team training, we recommend these bundles:

  • Bundle 3: Annual ICD-10 and CPT Updates, Coding Clinic Updates, and CPT Assistant Updates
  • Bundle 4: All ICD-10-CM and CPT Refresher Courses
  • Bundle 7: All ICD-10-CM/PCS and CPT Updates and Refresher Courses

ProFee Academies

The ICD-10 ProFee Academy reinforces how to apply the ProFee diagnosis guidelines for recent medical coder graduates or current coders. Upon successful completion of the 10-week program, coders receive 36 CEUs and a Certificate of Completion.

The CPT Academy for ProFee Coders focuses on the CPT codes 10000-69999, applicable modifiers, and E/M coding requirements. After successfully passing the 9-week training academy, coders receive 20 CEUs and a Certificate of Completion.

YES HIM Education Is Recognized by Small to Large Health Systems

Our education has been developed by nationally recognized, in-house instructors with 20+ years’ experience in the industry. Our cutting-edge education features real-world scenarios, case study examples, and applicable coding guidelines.

Review our educational offerings or contact us today to discuss your team’s customized education plan.

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