External Coding Audits: How They Directly Affect the Success of your Organization

External Coding Audits: How they directly affect the success of your organization


When considering the constantly evolving and ever-changing coding landscape of today, efficient coding audit practices have become a crucial and necessary step in what healthcare organizations must do to remain compliant and profitable. Is your organization struggling to properly and accurately evaluate its coding procedures? Now is the time to take the essential step of seeking an independent entity to conduct regular external coding audits. Conducting a monthly coding audit for your team saves your organization a substantial amount of work, time, and money. But above all else, you will have the reassurance that your coders are maintaining high compliance standards and accuracy. YES HIM Consulting’s coding compliance audits are specifically designed to identify outliers that have an impact on coding quality and accuracy.

Transitioning from an annual external coding audit program to an ongoing periodic review increases costs for healthcare provider organizations. Periodic and consistent audits also yield a stronger return on investment. Moreover, audits are customizable to address the organization’s specific needs—which usually vary monthly. A detailed review of how an external coding audit program, in combination with coding education, coding support, coder mentoring, and standardization policies, can help facilities overcome challenges presented during mergers and acquisitions can be found here (journal.ahima.org, 2019).

Provider burnout?

telehealth policyThis also holds true when considering the fact that performing these compliance audits internally can cause a sort of “provider burnout”, where the execution of these audits becomes too monotonous, leading to inaccurate results. To quote Karen Youmans, President and CEO of YES HIM Consulting, “Some providers have become too routine and complacent.” Having an outside entity to conduct facilities’ external coding audits could be used in more ways than just the auditing. As Karen Youmans states, “…using the expertise of consultants to re-educate coders and give presentations to doctors on ways to improve documentation” is a great benefit that goes beyond the auditing itself” (healthdatamanagement.com, 2018). A fresh take from external consultants and auditing experts help providers pinpoint areas of concern that others may overlook.

Take into concern these 3 main benefits of conducting monthly coding audits:

  1. Training and Coder Development. One thing is inevitable; coding is constantly changing. So, it is extremely important for every member of your coding team to change and grow with it. No matter how seasoned your coders may be. Continuously learning, sharpening their skills, and developing new skills will ensure that your team performs at their best.
  2. Consistency and Compliance. Outsourcing your coding audits to an experienced 3rd party ensures that your audits are completed consistently and accurately. And without the concern of any changes that may occur internally within your organization. This also gives providers peace of mind that their audits will maintain compliance with all lawful regulations and protocols.
  1. CDI Improvement. Coding audits provide a detailed look at your team’s stronger areas. And what areas have room for improvement. An external coding audit can identify and improve missed cases, recording errors, and incorrect codes.

YES HIM Consulting’s coding compliance audits are specifically designed to identify outliers that have an impact on coding quality and accuracy. Or, if you have questions on coding audit policy and procedure, our team is here to help. Contact YES today to see how our external coding audits can help you!

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