New Venue, New Partnerships: YES Networks at the FHIMA Annual Convention 2023

New Venue, New Partnerships: YES Networks at the FHIMA Annual Convention 2023

We recently participated in the highly anticipated 2023 FHIMA Annual Convention from July 9-12. Held at the prestigious Omni Orlando Resort ChampionsGate in Orlando, FL, this remarkable event served as an invaluable platform for health information professionals to converge, exchange knowledge, and explore the latest trends in the healthcare industry. Here’s the comprehensive recap of our experience, highlighting the exceptional networking opportunities and informative sessions presented at the FHIMA Annual Convention.

Networking Opportunities

fhima annual convention 2023

The FHIMA Annual Convention never fails to deliver ample opportunities for professionals to connect, collaborate, and establish meaningful relationships. Our company had the pleasure of engaging with a diverse range of individuals, including hospital decision-makers, directors, supervisors, and other esteemed professionals from various healthcare organizations.

The convention’s interactive networking sessions, social events, and exhibit hall provided an ideal environment for forging new connections, sharing insights, and exploring potential partnerships. We were thrilled to have the chance to discuss industry challenges, best practices, and emerging trends with like-minded professionals who are passionate about advancing healthcare operations.

Informative Sessions

The FHIMA Annual Convention is renowned for its educational sessions, which are carefully curated to cater to the diverse needs of healthcare management professionals. This year’s lineup of sessions covered a broad spectrum of topics, including medical coding updates, compliance and cybersecurity, auditing strategies and data analytics, and much more.

Our team attended several enlightening sessions led by industry experts, who shared their knowledge, experiences, and practical insights. These sessions provided a valuable forum for staying abreast of industry trends, enhancing our understanding of regulatory changes, and equipping us with the tools necessary to optimize our services for our clients.

We also had the opportunity to sponsor the “Coding & CDI” Breakout Session Track during the event, which featured presentations on “Understanding CPT Evaluation and Management Coding,” “Cracking the IR Code: Tips for Mastering Embolization Coding,” “Hierarchical Condition Categories Coding,” and “Successful CDI Audit: An Actionable Approach.”

Looking Forward to Next Year

Participating in the 2023 FHIMA Annual Convention was an incredible experience for YES. The convention provided us with invaluable opportunities to connect with esteemed professionals in the healthcare industry, exchange knowledge, and broaden our perspectives. The informative sessions offered valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in medical coding, auditing, and compliance. We were delighted to share our expertise as an industry expert and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by hospital decision-makers and health information management personnel.

Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to leveraging the insights gained from the convention to enhance our services and deliver unparalleled value to our clients. As a company committed to innovation and excellence, we eagerly anticipate future events where we can continue to connect with industry leaders, expand our network, and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare industry.

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fhima annual convention 2023

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