Four Telehealth CPT Codes Removed from CMS Medicare Coverage List

Four Telehealth CPT Codes Removed from CMS Medicare Coverage List

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CMS will remove the codes from the Category 3 list of approved telehealth services. The services included in the Category 3 section will remain on the Medicare telehealth services list until the end of the calendar year during which the public health emergency (PHE) ends.

CMS added more than 60 telehealth services to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule in December 2020 (CMS, 2020). In addition, CMS included these services to make sure they were covered past the end of the COVID-19 PHE.

Lastly, here are the four CPT telehealth service codes that CMS took off:

  • 96121: Neurobehavioral status exam via physician or qualified health professional
  • 99221: Initial hospital care
  • 99222: Initial hospital care
  • 99223: Initial hospital care

For the full description of the removed codes and additional corrections, review the full notice here.

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