Google Launches Intelligent Vaccine Impact Solution to Aid Vaccine Distribution & Increase Access to Treatments

Google Launches Intelligent Vaccine Impact Solution to Aid Vaccine Distribution & Increase Access to Treatments

To aid in the distribution, education, and tracking of the COVID-19 vaccines to communities worldwide, Google has released the Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution. Google Cloud, Google’s cloud computing services division, developed the solution.

According to Mike Daniels, Vice President, Global Public Sector, Google Cloud: “With this offering, we’ve created a set of core technologies to help regional and local governments deliver successful COVID-19 public health strategies, ranging from vaccine information and scheduling, to distribution and analytics, to forecasting and modeling COVID-19 cases, and more” (Google Cloud, 2021).

Google Cloud designed the solution with integration in mind. This allows governments and organizations to introduce it into their existing technologies seamlessly.

Components of the Intelligent Vaccine Impact Solution

The Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution consists of several components. The first component focuses on COVID-19 forecasting and analysis, utilizing the novel, time-series, machine-learning approach created by researchers. In addition, the approach combines a foundation in epidemiology with artificial intelligence (AI). This allows the tool to forecast changes in response to policy decisions or create custom forecasts based on country.

The “what-if” model analysis feature – which uses Google Cloud’s Application Modernization platform with Anthos, Kubernetes, and BigQuery – will help shape policy decision-making for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

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The second component is the vaccine information portal. The portal has been designed to support governmental agencies with distributing information about the vaccine. This also helps alleviate the overwhelming amount of questions they receive from the public. In addition, with the help of SpringML, MTX, Deloitte, and other partners, Google Cloud created several information portals.

These portals “help people learn about vaccine availability, determine if they qualify, sign up for vaccination, and submit their information so that when they are eligible, they can be vaccinated as quickly as possible,” according to Daniels (Google Cloud, 2021).

The third component ties into the second; once users visit the vaccine information portal, they can use the schedule management feature. The public can use this component to schedule a vaccine appointment online. They can also connect via telephone to one of the solution’s AI virtual agents. They’re also able to check their eligibility for the vaccine, search for distributing locations, and fill out the registration and pre-screening forms.

The fourth component, Sentiment Analysis, gathers feedback from those who use the solution. This also allows government organizations to communicate and distribute information to specific audiences.

Google has already deployed the Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution in several states.

Additional Information

Review the “Google Cloud for government agencies” portal for more information.

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