Learn Medical Coding Online with Help of Live Sessions

Learn Medical Coding Online with Help of Live Sessions

Online medical coding classes – while informative and flexible – can be dense and hard to understand. Given how complex some of this educational material can be, understandable training programs are especially important. Facilities looking to add new coders or cross-train team members on a new set of coding knowledge require experts not only in education, but subject matter experts; these subject matter experts will be able to answer practical questions that coders encounter in their day-to-day coding jobs. In addition, we give our learners the competitive advantage over other coder learners in the field. We do this by offering live Q&A sessions, question queues, and one-on-one coder mentoring sessions.

That’s where our live Q&A sessions come in.

There are many perks and benefits of becoming a medical coder, but the road to get there is not necessarily easy (AAPC, 2020).These live sessions provide real-time feedback to the learner on their progress and areas where they can improve. Our live coaching sessions allow learners to ask our education leaders questions on Inpatient coding, Outpatient coding, Professional Fee coding, and all other coding-related topics. YES Educators are skilled coding experts; they have over 20 years’ experience in the health information management industry.

We’ve designed our courses and live coaching sessions for busy coding and auditing professionals. This means these educational sessions can be provided at different dates and times to accommodate all learners.

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In any healthcare organization, coders and auditors need continuous education. This enables them to stay current and compliant with the quarterly and yearly updates to the medical codes. Our YES Education Catalog is full of live education classes, online courses, and other formats to fit each learner’s style and schedule. Contact YES today so we can craft an education program will help your team achieve their educational goals.

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