What Does It Mean for Medical Coding Companies to Have a 100% Client Retention Rate?

What Does It Mean for a Medical Coding Company to Have a 100% Client Retention Rate?

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Outsourcing no longer means time-zone hopping overseas to find reliable, skilled, and affordable medical coding and auditing companies. Nor do companies need to look abroad to find firms dedicated to achieving high coding productivity and quality standards. It is increasingly common for healthcare organizations to outsource coding overflow and quarterly audits domestically. This is by sourcing talent from a U.S.-based company. YES HIM Consulting is proud to be a premier coding, auditing, and education preferred partner. We serve large-scale healthcare systems, individual hospitals, physician groups, and more around the U.S.

Why Clients Rely on YES for HIM Support

Our clients rely on YES as their trusted coding support and auditing partner for many reasons.

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High Productivity

YES’ Coding Support services provide clients with assistance on coding backlogs and overflow coverage for Inpatient, Outpatient, ProFee, ED, HCC, and numerous surgical specialties. This enables healthcare organizations to focus on other essential facets of their company. The best part? Our coding teams can provide fast turnaround and flexible coverage, including on the weekends, so organizations can ensure a constant flow of productivity and timely reimbursements.

Additionally our clients turn to us as their trusted medical coding partner. This is due to our high standards of coding productivity and coding quality. The YES Coding Team undergoes constant training and mentoring; this ensures they are knowledgeable in all updates, guidelines, and niche specialties.

Superb Quality and Analysis

YES is one of very few medical coding agencies that continuously strives to improve our coders’ quality and accuracy – and assists other organizations in doing so. Our team has done extensive research and found the proven strategies that directly contribute to coding quality improvement, so facilities can see results sooner. The Professional Fee Coding Quality Improvement Plan case study and the Coding Accuracy Improvement Plan case study are two of our most productive studies.

Furthermore, healthcare organizations seek our assistance for the trends and actionable insights we garner from our comprehensive auditing services. From these trends, our experts develop customized coding productivity and quality improvement plans for facilities of all sizes.

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Affordable Prices

YES’ client retention rate always remains at 100% due to our comparable prices for our HIM services. According to this cost analysis, utilizing our coding and auditing services saves facilities over 15%, compared to the costs of maintaining an in-house coding department or choosing other medical coding agencies.

Experienced Leadership

Lastly, our credentialed Executive Team has decades of experience in coding, auditing, and the HIM profession. YES’ qualified leadership is equipped with customizable resources tailored to each and every client’s strategic goals. No matter the capacity, we aim to be a partner throughout the entire coding support or auditing process. Additionally, we use transparency in our methods to reassure and educate our clients.

Is YES the Right Medical Coding Company for you?

Want to hear more about how this medical coding agency can increase your coding productivity? Contact YES HIM Consulting for a free 30-minute consultation to see how our ever-evolving portfolio of services can help reach coding productivity, quality, and accuracy goals.

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