Medical Coding Consultants Play Vital Role in HIM Industry, Especially During Times of Frequent Updates

Medical Coding Consultants Play Vital Role in HIM Industry, Especially During Times of Frequent Updates

During recent years, the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) brought an unprecedented amount of changes to the healthcare industry. These changes touched every aspect of healthcare – from how patient care is delivered to how it’s reported and billed. Times of frequent medical coding updates have highlighted the necessity of CPT / ICD-10 / HCC code consultants, or coding subject matter experts (SMEs), to help healthcare providers navigate such changes.

Why Do You Need Coding Consultants?

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You need medical coding consultants because they ensure your organization stays compliant with the current coding and reimbursement guidelines. These coding SMEs regularly receive training on the annual updates so they can accurately decipher and report every patient encounter.

In order for them to perform their daily operations, medical coding consultants need to stay knowledgeable on the latest COVID-19 coding changes, as well as the annual ICD-10 and CPT updates. By working with a coding SME, you receive a consultant with the most current coding knowledge.

During the COVID-19 PHE, coding updates occurred more frequently to document and track COVID-19-related diagnoses, treatments, and more. However, this increased the risk of inaccurate reimbursements (Rev Cycle Intelligence, 2021). But, with a properly trained coding SME, patient visits are accurately coded according to these new codes.

Medical coding consultants are detail-oriented and analytical by nature. When a denied claim or other issue arises, coding SMEs help your organization identify the problem. And overcome the challenge.

How can you hire a Coding Consultant SME?

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YES HIM Consulting employs the most qualified, knowledgeable and attentive medical coding SMEs in the industry. All of our consultants live in the USA and regularly receive education on the newest medical codes and guidelines. Including the annual updates, and by medical specialty.

Contact YES today to see firsthand how our experienced CPT / ICD-10 / HCC code consultants can assist your organization during a time of unprecedented changes.

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