New Hire Onboarding Checklist for Welcoming Coders

New Hire Onboarding Checklist for Welcoming Coders

In the fast-paced world of health information management, employee turnover can be high. It is imperative to establish a new hire onboarding checklist to facilitate their smooth integration into your organization and optimize their productivity.

Not only does this checklist help supervisors cover all essential policies and procedures, and sets up new employees for success by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools from day one.

YES HIM Consulting recognizes the significance of this process and offers our expertise in developing comprehensive onboarding checklists. Let’s review the necessity of such a checklist and the benefits of entrusting an expert like us to streamline your onboarding procedures.

Benefits of Creating a New Hire Onboarding Checklist

new hire onboarding checklist

There are several benefits to establishing an onboarding checklist:

  1. Avoid assumptions and ensure comprehensive orientation: The onboarding checklist is a reminder for supervisors to cover all relevant policies, procedures, and protocols during orientation. Utilizing this checklist minimizes the risk of overlooking crucial information that might otherwise be assumed. Every facility has its unique guidelines and regulations, and the checklist ensures that these are adequately communicated to new coders.
  2. Set new employees up for success: A well-designed onboarding checklist is pivotal in enabling new coders to thrive. The checklist provides clarity and structure by systematically covering all policies, procedures, and expectations, helping new hires understand what is expected of them. It also empowers them to perform their duties confidently and efficiently, reducing the learning curve and accelerating their contributions to your organization.
  3. Comprehensive checklist tailored to your facility’s needs: The onboarding checklist encompasses a wide array of essential information that new coders need to be familiar with. The content of the onboarding checklist is highly customizable, allowing you to address your facility’s unique requirements and practices. It covers HIPAA regulations, IT access protocols, communication processes, adding employees to relevant distribution lists/platforms, coder productivity expectations, client-specific access requirements, instructions and training materials, references and manuals, and coding systems. By tailoring this comprehensive checklist to your facility’s needs, your new hires will receive a holistic understanding of your organization’s operations. It guarantees new coders are well-versed in the protocols relevant to their roles.
  4. Efficient information gathering process: Developing an effective onboarding checklist necessitates gathering pertinent information from various sources. At YES, our process involves asking targeted questions to the key stakeholders familiar with the new hires’ daily tasks, including coders, auditors, supervisors, and directors. By understanding their training needs and challenges, we can craft a checklist that addresses their specific requirements, enhancing the effectiveness of the onboarding process.

New Employee Onboarding Checklist Template

new hire onboarding checklist

Here are a few items that should be covered in your new hire orientation checklist. We’ve compiled these checklists through years of working with and training coders. Download our checklist template here.

  • HIPAA training requirements
  • IT access
  • Communications process
  • Team/employee working schedules
  • Education access/requirements
  • Productivity/quality requirements
  • Facility-specific policies/procedures
  • Facility-specific coding software access/training
  • Holds
  • Secondary review process
  • Logs
  • References & Manuals
  • Post-Review Release

Need Help With Onboarding Coders? We Created A Path For A Seamless Orientation

By consulting with YES to onboard new hires, facility supervisors can focus on their routine responsibilities while ensuring that new coders receive thorough training and orientation. Our expertise in designing and implementing onboarding checklists allows supervisors to allocate their time and resources efficiently, improving overall productivity.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on providing training by highly skilled HIM coding professionals. Our experts possess extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, equipping your new hires with the skills and insights needed to excel in their roles. By relying on our expertise, you ensure that your coders receive top-notch training from industry leaders.

Our onboarding checklist tracks the new hire’s journey through the onboarding process. The checklist gives you valuable insights into the development and proficiency of your new coders. Additionally, we provide detailed progress reports throughout the onboarding process. Our commitment to delivering comprehensive statistics helps you track their progress and make informed decisions regarding their roles and responsibilities.

Implementing an onboarding checklist for new coders is an indispensable step in ensuring their seamless integration into your organization. By partnering with YES, you gain access to a wealth of experience and expertise in designing comprehensive checklists tailored to your facility’s needs. Let’s start the discussion today to streamline your onboarding process and set your new coders up for long-term success.

Elizabeth Kelly

Elizabeth Kelly, RHIA – Director Auditing Services
new hire onboarding checklist new employee onboarding checklist

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