Outpatient to Inpatient Coder Training: Evaluate, Identify, & Train with Experts

Outpatient to Inpatient Coder Training: Evaluate, Identify, & Train with Experts

Cross-training your organization’s most qualified outpatient coders in inpatient coding is a sure way to bolster your bottom line and receive the most return on your investment in coding education. But, how do you identify these coders who are ready to train as inpatient coders and grow their professional experience?

The key is to rely on a highly skilled team with experience in inpatient coding education, as well as inpatient coding support and auditing services, like YES HIM Consulting. Let our team of experienced HIM and coding experts come in and assist you in implementing this profitable business strategy!

Not Sure Who Qualifies to Begin Inpatient Coding Training?

Our YES Consultants provide your team with assessments for your coder candidates, so you can gauge their coding knowledge and understanding of basic clinical topics, which is required for inpatient coding. In our experience, coder candidates should be assessed on their strengths and weaknesses in ICD-10-CM (Inp.) and ICD-10-PCS. This is especially if they have previous knowledge and/or experience in these areas. Relying on coding and education experts to asses and report on coder candidates’ knowledge, experience, and understanding adds objectivity to the decision-making process. YES Consultants provide resources for coding supervisors to evaluate and identify the best candidates for Inpatient coding training.

Online Education & Live Feedback Have Higher Success Rates

Cutting-edge coding training is an essential part to successfully transitioning your outpatient coders to inpatient. Healthcare organizations should trust coding training programs and academies that provide frequent live sessions with real-world coding experts. In our experience, programs that have live sessions ensure a higher success rate than those that don’t have them. This is why our programs and academies feature live sessions. Live sessions allow learners to ask questions and receive real-time feedback to help them comprehend complex topics.

The Value of Secondary Reviews in Training

If coders require additional “on the job” practice, YES auditors can review inpatient coder candidates’ charts. We can provide feedback and recommendations for code changes on a periodic basis. For coders in training, we set up question queues for coders; these allow coders to request answers to issues or complex scenarios that arise during their day-to-day operations.

When you choose the HIM coding experts YES for your cross-training needs, all of these resources – and more – are available for your coder candidates to ensure their success. We can add these resources to our ICD-10 Inpatient Academy to develop a custom cross-training plan specifically tailored to your coding team and organization.

YES is successful only when our clients thrive, so let us help you flourish. Contact YES HIM Consulting today to discuss your cross-training and coding education needs!

Karen Youmans

Karen G. Youmans, MPA, RHIA, CCS – President, YES HIM Consulting, Inc. AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM/PCS trainer
outpatient to inpatient coder training

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