Medical Coding Audit Services

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medical coding audit services

What can a medical coding audit services partner do for you?

YES HIM Consulting's medical coding audit services pinpoint outliers, ensuring coding accuracy, maximizing revenue, and enhancing data quality with tailored improvement plans.

At YES, our team members work closely with you to create auditing and mentoring solutions designed to meet your organization's individual needs. Your team's success drives ours, with expert guidance every step of the way.

medical coding audit services

Financial Impact

medical auditing services

Empower Coder Vetting

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Quality Assurance

medical coding audit

True Subject Matter Experts

Medical Coding Audit Services

  • Coding Compliance
  • Provider Documentation Audits
  • Reimbursement Audits
  • Focused Audits
  • Trending & Data-Financial Goals
  • Identify Under And Overbilling
  • Coder Mentoring Programs (99% Accuracy)
  • Executive Summary Webinar With CEU
  • Focused Education Per Audit Findings

Our Approach to Medical Coding Audits

To ensure accurate coding, the YES Team starts with a thorough review of patient encounters in alignment with official coding guidelines. Coders must meticulously review vetting reports and provide feedback. The YES Team generates a comprehensive report (by coder, facility, financial impact, etc.), providing insights and addressing knowledge gaps with tailored education. Finally, trending reports are generated to identify patterns and root causes of recurring issues.

Audit Findings for Decision-makers:

  • Compliance Insights
  • Root Causes impacting Coding Quality and Claims Reimbursement
  • Verification of ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code assignment, including Principal and Secondary Diagnoses
  • Verification of ICD-10-PCS and ICD-10-CPT Procedural Code assignments
  • Verification of ICD-10-CM, ICD-10 CPT, Modifier, and Surgeon/Assistant Surgeon code assignments
  • Prioritization of Financial Impacts based on Coding Quality
  • Medical Coding and Provider Documentation Educational Opportunities
  • Verification of coding accuracy for medical necessity
  • HCC log and Educational Opportunities

Data Insights By:

  • Facility
  • Coder
  • Provider
  • MDC Classification / DRG Grouping / DRG Trending
  • HCC
  • Focused Requests

What our Clients say about us:

“North Mississippi Health Services has engaged YES HIM to conduct coding audits to verify compliance and accuracy for accurate and compliant coding. They are a wealth of knowledge, always go above and beyond to ensure we have all the necessary education and tools to get the job done! The timeliness and follow through is unbelievably exceptional. Our coders look forward to the feedback and truly trust in the skills of the auditors. We wouldn’t hesitate to say that YES HIM comes highly regarded and recommended!”

System Director, Health Information Management, Tupelo, MS

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