Our healthcare coding and consulting services provide you with practical resources to tackle your organization's challenges. We specialize in revenue cycle consulting solutions to help your organization capitalize on opportunities.

healthcare coding and consulting services

Our healthcare consulting company specializes in providing expert guidance and support to bridge critical gaps within the healthcare industry. With a focus on healthcare coding and consulting services, revenue cycle consulting, staffing consulting, and healthcare consulting, we also offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to address the complex challenges especially faced by payors, healthcare systems, technology vendors, and their clients.

Throughout our engagement, we emphatically prioritize knowledge transfer, equipping our clients with the tools and expertise necessary to sustain positive outcomes over the long term. Lastly, with a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the evolving healthcare landscape, our healthcare consulting company is your trusted partner in significantly achieving sustainable success and bridging the gaps that hinder progress in this dynamic industry.

Connect AI with payors

Connect AI

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Proactive Query

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How We Partner With Healthcare Technology Innovators

For technology partners and their clients, we serve as a bridge between innovation and implementation. Simultaneously, we provide invaluable insights into the intricacies of healthcare systems, while ensuring that technology solutions align seamlessly with the industry's coding standards and compliance requirements. Our healthcare coding and consulting services help streamline processes and enhance interoperability significantly. Furthermore, our consultants stress the importance of diving into open innovation and fostering collaboration to unlock the value of Generative AI (Gen AI) in a responsible and ethical way.


How We Serve Our Healthcare Partners

Firstly, our approach to gap consulting begins with a thorough assessment of our client's unique needs and pain points. So, we collaborate closely with payors and healthcare systems to understand their specific requirements, leveraging our subject matter expertise to identify areas for improvement. Additionally, our team of experienced consultants especially excels at pinpointing inefficiencies and recommending tailored strategies to optimize revenue cycles and operational efficiency.


What our Clients say about us:

“The expertise that YES consultants bring to the table is unmatched. They provide applicable insights, and applicable recommendations before our solution is brought to market. Our partnership with YES provides a great return on investment for our company.”

Connecticut Client

Bridge the Gap: Healthcare Coding And Consulting Services

  • Bridging the gap with health systems, physicians, payors, coding, billing.
  • Risk Adjustment Consulting
  • Staff Augmentation & Evaluation
  • Claims, Query, Coding Trending Reports & Analysis
  • Matching Codes with Emerging Technology
  • Custom Project Management


Data Driven Query Programs and Effective Analysis

Throughout the healthcare coding industry, the majority of hospitals or healthcare systems have incorporated query programs. However, in many cases, they are driven solely from a compliance perspective. Furthermore, the benefits resulting from implementing an efficiently managed query program driven by data analytics are visibly captured in our day-to-day operations with the partners we serve.

Bridge the Gap Consulting Results & Benefits Realized:

  • Identified top queried DRG, DX, Physicians (Leverage for Educational Opportunities)
  • Identified query forms that were not comprehensive or up to current guidelines
  • Increased the amount of answered queries / decreased the amount of canceled/unanswered queries


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