Evidence-based Mentoring. Traditional one-on-one, Distance mentoring, Group Mentoring. We mentor your coders towards 99% accuracy.


What is Coder Mentoring?

Coder Mentoring is a customized service based heavily on concurrent feedback and medical coding coaching from our experienced auditors and coding consultants, in addition to individual encounter forms and weekly coaching sessions.

Our coder consulting clients are provided detailed and periodic reports on progress, accuracy, performance and results trends on their new hires and/or identified coder(s) who need additional mentoring in specific encounter types.

New-Hire Mentoring (95% accuracy)


Mentoring (95% accuracy)

Empower Coder Feedback through Mentoring

Empower Coder Feedback

through Mentoring

Dedicated Question Queue per coder

Dedicated Question Queue

per coder

How do we Mentor your Coders to Optimal Accuracy?

The YES coder development program provides the coder with concurrent feedback on their coding. Coder consulting also includes training on all the official guidelines, and weekly one-on-one conference calls. As a result, these coder consulting calls aim to mentor them to become solid inpatient, outpatient, and profee coders.

What our Clients say about us:

“Thank you so much. We appreciate how easy all of you make the whole process for us. You truly are an exceptional group of people to work with. Your customer service is top notch. Thank you again.”

A Tennessee Client

Case Study: Impact of a Comprehensive Auditing and Coder Mentoring Program on Quality

No matter how seasoned your coders may be, coder mentoring is a tactic that ensures your team continuously performs at the best of their abilities. This case study presents information gathered throughout a 24-month period, with the objective of highlighting the direct impact on coding teams’ coding quality levels (from medium to large health systems), through the implementation of a standardized Coder Mentoring Program.

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