Denials Remediation

Subject Matter Experts address your organization’s complex coding and clinical cases to develop denials management plan.

Denials Remediation

How to improve financial performance with Denials Management?

Denied claims are an important, and fairly often, unpredictable financial burden on healthcare organizations. YES HIM Consulting's denials management solutions increase payment recovery rates for clients and partners. Our team of coding and auditing experts can pinpoint the common causes for your denied claims. In addition, our other HIM quality solutions will help prevent future edits and denials.

Denied Claims

96% Denied Claims

Recovered on average

Front end edits

$1.7M monthly Front End Edits worked

per client on average

Denial Rejections

$2.8M monthly Denial Rejections worked

per client on average

Denials Remediation Services

  • Clinical Appeals Service
  • Coding Appeals Service
  • Complex Denials Service
    • ProFee Services Edits & Denials
    • Denials Appeals Services
    • Complex Clinical Cases
    • Complex Coding Cases
  • Denials Remediation Program
  • Education and Coder Mentoring
  • Clean Claims Program

What our Clients say about us:

YES HIM Consulting, Inc. has been our selection of vendor for auditing, education, and coding needs for many years. The YES team is fantastic to work with, providing timely, accurate, and professional services at all times. The personal attention they provide to our specific needs and/or requests is invaluable. They are and will continue to be our “go to” vendor for many years to come!

A Tennessee Client

How Optimal Quality Coding Prevents Medical Claims Denials

Multiple strategies exist to achieve optimal quality coding in an attempt to reduce costs associated with medical claims edits and denials, and maximize revenue. Effective management of patient claims data is crucial towards this goal. Medical claims edits and denials should be properly measured, categorized, and organized for efficient analysis. Furthermore, the quality of data entered initially upon admission must be greatly improved.

Clinical Documentation Integrity Significance in Revenue Cycle & Denials Management Success in Healthcare

The success of this operation of people and processes is dependent upon the vital information being accurately recorded for claim generation, claim submission, and full payment recompense. Anything short of these operational necessities working collaboratively, will predispose the organization to edits and denials. Review the best practices for getting it right the first time.

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