What Does It Mean for Medical Coding Companies to Have a 100% Client Retention Rate?

medical coding companies

Outsourcing no longer means time-zone hopping overseas to find reliable, skilled, and affordable medical coding and auditing companies dedicated to achieving high coding productivity and quality standards. It is increasingly common for healthcare organizations to outsource coding overflow and quarterly audits by sourcing talent from a U.S.-based company. YES HIM Consulting is proud to be a premier coding, auditing, and education preferred partner to large-scale healthcare systems, individual hospitals, physician groups, and more around the U.S.

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Fine Needle Aspiration, Core Needle Biopsy, & Other Skin Flap Grafts Covered In CPT Integumentary Webinar

fine needle aspiration

The Refresh With YES: CPT Integumentary – Flap Grafts and FNA Learning Path shows learners how to correctly assign codes for Integumentary Procedures, including flap grafts and fine needle aspiration (FNA), divided into 9-18-minute webinars. This learning path specifically discusses CPT coding for flap grafts, such as adjacent tissue transfers/rearrangements and pedicle flaps. The differences in codes for FNA and core needle biopsy (CNB) procedures are explored, and examples of coding FNA procedures with CNB are provided. Learners will also review the applicable CPT Assistant advice and CPT coding guidelines.

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Refresh With YES Course Explains Excision vs Resection & PCS Codes for Biopsies

The Refresh With YES: Root Operations – Biopsy, Excision, & Resection Learning Path shows learners how to code ICD-10-PCS root operations procedures, such as biopsies, excisions, and resections, divided into 11-16-minute webinars. This learning path dives into the definitions and procedure examples of applicable root operation procedures. Learners will also review excision vs resection when coding lymph nodes. Applicable Coding Clinic articles and coding guidelines are reviewed.

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Learn the ICD-10-CM Guidelines for Obstetrical Coding & Newborn Diagnoses

obstetrical coding

The Refresh With YES: Obstetrical and Newborn Diagnoses Learning Path teaches learners how to correctly apply the ICD-10-CM guidelines for obstetrical coding and newborn diagnoses, divided into 11-14-minute webinars. This learning path dives into OB GYN diagnosis codes, and coding for newborns, including information about the perinatal period, birth admission coding, and much more.

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Personalized Medical Coding Education Tailored to Coders’ Learning Styles

learning styles

YES HIM Consulting designs learning paths and coding tracks for busy professionals who need to take courses on their own time. Our catalog offers customizable formats to fit physicians’, coders’, and auditors’ schedules and learning styles – including on-site, online, and hybrid or blended models. Ongoing coding education is one of the ways to keep your team and organization compliant. Click here to review the other benefits of keeping your team up-to-date with coding and guideline changes with customizable coding education formats.

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Review the ICD-10-CM Codes for Complications & Drug Diagnoses in 1-Hour Webinar

ICD-10-CM codes for complications and drug diagnoses

The Refresh With YES: Complications & Drug Diagnoses Webinar examines the ICD-10-CM guidelines and applicable Coding Clinic discussions with practical coding examples regarding Complications and Drug diagnoses divided into 15-18 minute modules. Learners will find out how to select the right ICD-10-CM codes for Complications & Drug Diagnoses topics, such as poisoning, adverse effects and underdosing of drugs. The four modules offered within this course include: Complications, Adverse Effects of Drugs, Poisoning, and Underdosing.

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Brush Up on the Latest Hot Topics for ICD-10-PCS & Gain 2 CEUs

ICD-10-PCS Hot Topics

The ICD-10-PCS Hot Topics Updated webinar reviews and clarifies some of the most challenging ICD-10-PCS procedure codes and ICD-10-PCS coding issues divided into 10-20-minute modules, including Aneurysms Background and Cerebral Aneurysms, Aortic Aneurysms, Control, Overview and Coding Applications for Vascular Access Devices, and Background and Coding Applications for Tunneled and Totally Implantable VADs. This learning path provides 2 CEU certificates after attaining a passing grade (2 AAPC CEUs and towards 2 AHIMA CEUs).

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