Top 5 Common Myths of Coding Outsourcing

Top 5 Common Myths of Coding Outsourcing


Outsourcing coding and auditing needs to external companies allows providers to focus on the tasks that they enjoy doing, and leaves the other functions for experts who can get them done quickly and accurately, especially if the organization’s in-house staff is not trained in coding. But, due to the sensitive nature of the materials at hand, providers can be a little hesitant to sign away their coding responsibilities. Consider outsourcing your coding support, auditing, and other HIM needs to an experienced company that has 20+ years of work in the healthcare industry, like YES HIM Consulting.

These are 5 common myths of coding outsourcing, and how YES HIM Consulting debunks these concerns with a skilled team of consultants, coders, and auditors:

coding outsourcing myths1. Outsourcing means working with companies outside of the United States. While it is the norm for most companies to outsource services overseas, that is not the case for YES HIM Consulting. Our entire organization is U.S.-based, and all of our team members live and operate domestically, so you won’t have to work around odd operating hours and different time zones. In a previous article, we discuss additional benefits of hiring YES HIM Consulting’s team of fast, reliable, and skilled coders and auditors.

2. There are liabilities of potential data leaks and breaches. Companies that operate in the U.S. must comply with HIPAA, so certain security measures are taken to safeguard sensitive medical records. YES HIM Consulting is no different, and regularly undergoes security checks to maximize the safety of this data. Additionally, consulting companies should make sure that their coding support team is operating accurately and efficiently. YES HIM Consulting upholds a standard of 95% accuracy, and develops and provides coding education with CEUs, so our team’s skills stay sharp. We take pride in our coders’ and auditors’ experience, which helps us maintain a reputation for excellence.

3. It can cost more than in-house services. Since outsourcing is also consulting, companies tend to negotiate prices that work better for hospitals’ budgets. YES HIM Consulting is ready to work with you to fit your needs and budget.

4. Outsourcing requires a lot of hand-holding. Consultants are accustomed to rapid change and fast turn-around, so they know how to deliver for their clients. And, remember: It is always best to look for a partner – not just a vendor. A partner, like YES HIM Consulting, will deliver incredible results quickly. Outsourcing introduces you to coding outsourcing mythsthe most talented coders in the industry. “Outsourcing can be a way to tap a broader talent pool without incurring the higher cost and risk of bringing on additional full-time employees” (Physicians Practice, 2019).

5. There’s a tedious on-boarding process involved. Consultants need what you need – to start working immediately. Our team is ready to go as soon as you need us. Look for a partner who has a dedicated team for IT access, data analysis, and report building – not just a one-trick pony for “coding outsourcing.” Our consultants are experts in their field, fueled by ongoing training with our company. They stay up-to-date on the latest coding updates and requirements with resources like the “2020 Consulting and Outsourcing Guide” from the Journal of AHIMA.

Still don’t know if outsourcing coding could work for your organization? Consider these other points as to why YES HIM Consulting is the right fit to handle all your coding and auditing needs. It’s best to outsource HIM needs to an experienced company that has 20+ years of work in the healthcare industry to take care of your coding support, auditing, and other needs, like YES HIM Consulting.

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