Why Is HCC Coding Important? YES Case Study Highlights HCCs & Healthcare Technology

Why Is HCC Coding Important? YES Case Study Highlights HCCs & Healthcare Technology

What is HCC in medical coding? What is HCC coding used for? Why is HCC coding important? These are the types of questions an inexperienced medical coder may ask, and if the answers are not clearly understood, they could have dire consequences to your organization’s bottom line.

This brief article will touch on the questions above and explore how a recent YES HCC consulting case study highlights the importance of HCC coding in healthcare.

What is HCC in Medical Coding, and what is it used for?

HCC stands for Hierarchical Condition Category. HCC coding is used as a risk-adjustment model to calculate a patient’s future healthcare costs.

Why is HCC Coding Important?

HCC coding is important because it captures a complete picture of the patient’s health and care record. Quality coding is the only way to ensure the patient’s record is current, and the value of their care history is assessed. Additionally, it allows for accurate reimbursements to cover the patient’s care costs.

why is hcc coding important

Recently, YES assisted a medical product software company with an HCC consulting project. The project highlighted the importance of HCCs and how they help map medical codes to new technology. Correctly assigning HCC codes to new healthcare technology helps meet the goal of proper reimbursements, the best patient care, and complete records.

During the HCC consulting case study, YES HCC consultants provided research and recommendations to help align the client’s product to an HCC code grouping. In addition, YES created a report template to support the code assignment. For the full details of the HCC consulting case study, click here.

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why is HCC coding important

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