YES’ Community Involvement With Tampa Bay Rays Offers First Pitch Opportunity

YES’ Community Involvement With Tampa Bay Rays Offers First Pitch Opportunity

As a way to invest in the Tampa Bay community, YES supports the Tampa Bay Rays major league baseball team. In exchange for our support, we’re offering discounts on tickets, exclusive Rays merchandise, and premium perks that are not accessible to the public.

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Karen Youmans, YES President and CEO, and Walt Youmans, Executive Vice President and CIO, are avid fans of the Rays and like to show their support. This even goes for the company’s headquarters in Largo, FL. The commemorative plaque (pictured right) hangs in Karen’s office; it serves as a reminder of the Rays’ American League Championship Series win against the Houston Astros last year.

One of our Local Business supporter perks allowed Walt to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the Rays game against the Seattle Mariners on Monday, Aug. 2. “It was a pretty cool experience, and I was shocked when Mari [Mari Cely, YES Director of Business Strategy & Client Services] originally told me about the opportunity,” Walt says. “It turned out really well, and I enjoyed the experience.”

Before the game began, Walt and the Rays’ mascot, Raymond, snapped a photo, then headed onto the field. After a few practice throws, Walt threw the official first pitch to kick off the game. Walt and Karen enjoyed dinner in the Rays’ Club; then they watched the rest of the game, where the Mariners won 8-2.

“It is important to be involved in the community in some facet,” he says. “It helps build the morale of our team members and shows that we care. It’s our way of giving back and connecting to the community.”

Walt looks forward to the day when we can once again bring YES team members and their families to the games. “I miss bringing our associates to the games and getting to know them on a one-on-one basis. It was a great way to reconnect with people outside of the office,” he says.

For more information on YES’ community involvement, services, and industry partnerships, visit our About Us page.

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