YES HIM Consulting Recognized By KLAS Research With First Look Report

YES HIM Consulting Recognized By KLAS Research With First Look Report

Signaling a great achievement for YES HIM Consulting, the health information management company has been recognized by KLAS Research with a First Look Report. KLAS, which is a healthcare IT data and insights company that provides impartial research for the industry, compiled the report after speaking with 9 individuals from 8 client organizations.

On the report’s first page, the YES Client Experience section highlights several statistics to note. The first is a pie chart that displays the results of an overall customer satisfaction survey. A vast majority of the clients KLAS surveyed (86%) said they are “highly satisfied” with our services. Furthermore, the remaining clients (14%) chose the answer “satisfied.”

KLAS Research

Mac Boyter, Research Director at KLAS Research, comments: “YES HIM Consulting has a strong track record of high quality Coding services; they supplement this with Auditing Services, Coding Education, Coder Mentoring and in depth Coding Training. Across this array of services, clients report high satisfaction and the benefit of a unified solution.”

The second important statistic to note surveyed clients on whether YES consistently exceeds their expectations. Clients unanimously voted “yes.”

KLAS Research

The report graded YES’ performance on four aspects: quality of staff/consultants, would recommend to peers, drives tangible outcomes, and strength of partnership. YES was graded “A” or above for all four categories.

KLAS Research

YES’ ability to become true partners during the entire process, which was given the highest grade of “A+.” This was noted by clients as one of our biggest strengths. “Provider organizations are always looking for a strong partner in coding operations,” Boyter says. “Not only do YES HIM Consulting clients rate strength of partnership above average, but they turn to the firm for their excellence in auditing, mentoring, and education.”

Furthermore, one client commented that YES’ strength of partnership is incredible. “The vendor goes above and beyond, and they always try to help us minimize the number of accounts we have to touch. The accounts the vendor touches is how they get paid, but they work with us to help reduce the number of accounts they touch, and that speaks volumes about their company … They have helped us since day one … The vendor uses their expertise to guide us on what to do.”

In addition, the KLAS Research report noted that YES’ teams were able to seamlessly integrate and provide support to existing departments; YES did this without any disruptions. “According to their clients, one of the key strengths of YES HIM Consulting is the coordination and integration with existing teams,” Boyter says. “One provider in particular cited the YES team as feeling like an extension of their own in-house personnel.”

Download the First Look Report from KLAS Research here.

Mari Cely

Director, Business Strategy & Marketing
KLAS Research

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