How YES is a One-Stop Shop for All Health Information Technology Solutions

How YES is a One-Stop Shop for All Health Information Technology Solutions

Healthcare is a complex field where accuracy and proficiency are crucial to not only patient care but the operational efficiency of the healthcare organization. That’s where YES HIM Consulting comes in – we offer top-notch health information management services that transform the industry. We don’t just identify problems, we create innovative health information technology solutions, promote technological advancements, and educate healthcare leaders.

At YES, we take pride in being more than just problem solvers. We work as architects of improvement plans, using data analysis to tackle the root challenges faced by healthcare organizations. Our partnership with technology experts helps us stay ahead of the curve, using Generative AI to simplify data processing and collection.

Our Portfolio of Health Information Technology Solutions

Coding Support & Staff Augmentation

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Our firm’s medical coding support services are standardized and optimized to ensure coding quality standards and guidelines are met. Our in-house data team provides trending reports, offering valuable insights into the coding process. With our focus on efficiency, we ensure optimal coding production and quality. From inpatient to emergency coding, our support spans various coding realms, bringing a tailored approach to every facet.

Our ongoing medical coding support services include backlogs and overflow coverage, onboarding newly employed coders, ProFee front-end and back-end rejection edits, system migrations and training, coding reviews for acquisitions (M&A), and coding standardization and guidelines. Review our comparative cost analysis to see the benefits of choosing a domestic coding partner.

A large healthcare organization was struggling with a backlog of medical coding work, resulting in delayed reimbursements and lost revenue. YES provided coding support and staff augmentation services, helping the organization clear the backlog and improve coding accuracy. As a result, the organization was able to increase revenue by 20% and reduce coding errors by 30%.

Auditing & Due Diligence

Our dedicated team initiates the audit process with a comprehensive review of patient encounters, aligning with official coding guidelines to ensure accuracy. Coders undergo a rigorous examination of vetting reports, providing invaluable feedback that becomes the cornerstone of improvement.

Our consultants go beyond the surface, generating detailed reports categorized by coder, facility, financial impact, and more. These reports not only offer insights but also address knowledge gaps through tailored education programs. Our focus extends to the identification of patterns and root causes of recurring issues, as reflected in our trending reports.

From coding compliance and provider documentation audits to reimbursement audits and focused audits, our services cover the spectrum of auditing needs. Our commitment to financial goals is evident in our ability to identify under and overbilling, ensuring maximum revenue for your organization.

We not only pinpoint outliers but actively contribute to coding accuracy, revenue optimization, and enhanced data quality, all encapsulated within meticulously tailored improvement plans. Our team’s collaborative approach ensures that your organization’s success becomes our shared triumph, with expert guidance accompanying you every step of the auditing journey.

Medical Coding Education

Continuous education is the cornerstone of progress. Our nationally recognized in-house education experts deliver unparalleled medical coding and HIM training. With a practical approach compliant with the latest guidelines, we’ve successfully guided over 8,000 professionals through our coding skills assessments, online education, live sessions, workshops, group mentoring, and personalized coaching.

Coder Mentoring

Our coder mentoring services offer a personalized journey that combines feedback, training, and coaching. As a result, our clients receive detailed reports on the progress, accuracy, and performance of their new hires and identified coders. This ensures a continuous loop of improvement, helping them to enhance their coding skills and achieve better results.

Denials Remediation

Healthcare organizations face a major financial challenge when their claims are denied. YES can help as a strategic partner by improving payment recovery rates and providing effective solutions to identify and prevent future denials. Our team of experts is skilled at navigating the unpredictability of denials, offering financial relief and quality HIM solutions.

A hospital system was facing frequent denials of insurance claims, leading to significant financial losses. Our firm provided denials remediation services, identifying the root causes of the denials and implementing effective solutions to prevent future denials. As a result, the hospital system was able to recover $2 million in lost revenue and reduce denials by 50%.

Consulting & Bridge the Gap Services

As healthcare consultants, we bridge critical gaps in the industry. Specializing in healthcare coding, revenue cycle consulting, staffing, and general healthcare consulting, our comprehensive suite of solutions addresses challenges faced by payors, healthcare systems, and technology vendors.

In our field, embracing technology is not a simple choice, but a necessity. We integrate Generative AI to revolutionize how we process and collect data. This ensures not only accuracy in findings regarding claims but also contributes to the overall efficiency of our services.

A healthcare technology vendor was struggling to keep up with the latest coding guidelines and regulations, leading to frequent compliance issues. Our firm provided consulting and bridge the gap services, helping the vendor stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and regulations. As a result, the vendor was able to improve product quality and customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Our Approach: Tailored for Healthcare & Technology Partners

Our approach begins with a deep dive into our client’s needs. We understand the importance of strong client relationships. That’s why we strive to establish a partnership from the start while delivering excellent work. We personalize our approach by identifying specific needs and goals with the client, ensuring that our services are tailored to their unique requirements. Our dedicated management contact provides regular project timeline and progress updates, ensuring clear communication throughout the process.

Collaborating closely with payors and healthcare systems, we identify inefficiencies and recommend tailored strategies. With an emphasis on optimizing revenue cycles and operational efficiency, our experienced consultants pave the way for significant progress.

Empowering Through Knowledge Transfer

Our engagement goes beyond solutions; we prioritize knowledge transfer. Equipping our clients with tools and expertise, we ensure sustained positive outcomes after project completion. Our firm emerges as a trusted partner, facilitating sustainable success.

Pioneering Healthcare Technology Integration

For technology partners, we serve as the conduit between innovation and implementation. Our healthcare coding and consulting services not only streamline processes but also ensure seamless alignment with industry standards and compliance. Embracing open innovation and Generative AI responsibly, we unlock the full potential of technological advancements.

YES stands as a guiding force for our healthcare partners, bringing transformative solutions, education, and innovation to the forefront. Partner with us, and together, we can navigate the complexities of healthcare, ensuring a future where excellence is not just a goal but a reality.

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