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Coding Audits

Selecting the right coding audit company for your organization

By YES HIM Consulting

With more and more companies looking beyond their own departments to outsource this task, it’s important to consider the key factors of choosing a coding audit vendor that is just the right fit.

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Patient Experience

End-to-end patient experience becomes top priority in today’s evolving revenue cycle

By YES HIM Consulting

Regardless of how good the average experience of a patient has been during their time at any given healthcare system, what often determines their general memories of their experience is the financial resolution that follows after. High costs and/or a difficult payment process can tarnish a patient’s perception and greatly affect their opinion on said healthcare system as a whole. One of our own team members experienced a similar situation in which she chose not to return to one of her specialist doctors because their outpatient coder mishandled her bill, resulting in her insurance not covering the charge and her bill sitting in revision. In today’s world, you can leave a review of your experience virtually anywhere where payment is exchanged. It is because of this that health systems need to prioritize reinforcing the structure of their back end and front end financial processes to make them look, feel, and behave more like online retail or personal banking environments.

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AHIMA Conference

YES 2019 Quad-State Conference Recap

By YES HIM Consulting

YES 2019 Quad-State Conference Recap   Last month, YES attended the 2019 Quad-State Annual Meeting & Exhibit, which was held at the Hilton Beach Resort…

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coding audits

Coding Audits: How they directly affect the success of your organization

By YES HIM Consulting

When considering the constantly evolving and ever-changing coding landscape of today, efficient coding audit practices have become a crucial and necessary step in what healthcare organizations must do to remain compliant and profitable. If your organization is struggling to properly and accurately evaluate its coding procedures, now is the time to take the essential step of seeking an independent entity to conduct regular coding audits.

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Automated Education

YES Spearheads Automated Education Initiatives in 2019

By Mari Cely

Automation has revolutionized the healthcare industry, making day-to-day processes more practical and cost effective across the board. YES aims to provide automated education services with a practical approach, utilizing the knowledge base of our team of nationally recognized educators and experienced executives.

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