Making the Data Work for You: How to Turn Medical Coding Audits into Actionable Insights

medical coding audits

Coding audit data can be extremely beneficial to the success of a healthcare organization – however, oftentimes, the vast amounts of data being collected can suffocate the organization, especially those that don’t know how to cultivate value and act on the insights received from the audit process. Most medical coding compliance audit programs will objectively evaluate multiple data sets and generate reports on the findings, but, the data is not being used to its fullest potential if the reports are not properly cleaned, analyzed, and examined to develop strategic next steps toward the company’s quality improvement. “Data and quality improvement go hand-in-hand”, says Crumbley.

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Strategies to Grow ProFee Coder’s Skills, Quality, & Accuracy

profee coder

Growing a ProFee coding department’s accuracy and quality can be a daunting task – especially if the healthcare organization doesn’t know where to start. Our team of accomplished HIM and medical coding experts has 20+ years’ experience in the industry and is ready to develop a ProFee Coding Quality Improvement Plan specifically tailored to each organization’s goals. Facilities or healthcare organizations that need help developing their ProFee coders should contact us today.

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Case Study: Coding Quality Improvement Plan for Healthcare Facility Acquisition Process of a Large Physician Group

facility acquisition process

Healthcare facilities and independent practices face unique challenges when merging or being acquired. As an HIM and Coding consulting company, YES has encountered several opportunities to implement auditing, coding, and education improvement plans in similar scenarios. This case study provides a thorough analysis on the unique challenges a medical facility faces when merging with independent practices, as well as solutions for a successful facility acquisition process. Challenges impact overall medical coding quality, turnover rate, productivity and the bottom line. The analysis covers the solutions implemented, and an overview of the impact these presented to a facility, practiced over a 33-month period.

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